Creator Content is a holding company for advancing the good for people.

Our first understanding of mission is that love makes no judgments. So all our endeavors aim for the better things in life for all people.

One of our first properties acquired is the Ave Maria World Growth Equity Fund. Of course, we do not own that fund, but we are continuing participants. Here’s a link for your use: https://avemariafunds.com/

Like everyone, we have some prized collections with intrinsic value that is far less than our emotional attachment to the meanings and memories they hold for us.

And investments in the market are subject to scrutiny as to their value for people, earnings, and growth.

We are conservative stockholders. Our emphasis is on holding investments for the long term and sustainable earnings. Instant gratification flees almost as quickly as it occurs. Just as that is true, we believe that long-term involvements are far more satisfying in life than momentary gambles that seem to promise gain. Our philosophy is — we are in it for the long run.

We are not venture capital providers, but we can recommend one or two firms if asked.We are not interested in managing other companies but are interested in partnerships for progress. Contact Pat Chalmers personally, if you have partnering proposals: drpjchalmers@pjchalmers.com

Let’s build something together.